Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

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Bathroom renovations can be an expensive project, therefore it pays greatly to make well considered decisions right from the start. Bathroom renovation mistakes can result in costly repairs and changes down the track, that are most definitely avoidable with careful consideration initially. Hiring a reputable bathroom renovation company and understanding these common bathroom renovation mistakes, will help you to ensure mistakes are avoided:

Inadequate Bathroom Layout
The layout of your bathroom will determine if your bathroom is functional and easy to use everyday. An improperly planned space could result in usability issues, such as inadequate access to the shower or a door that hits a vanity or towel rail when it opens. Mistakes such as these can be avoided with careful planning and execution. Whilst it is indeed possible to plan a bathroom layout yourself, it is always best to seek the advice of a professional bathroom renovation company who are experienced in creating effective bathroom layouts.

Squeezing too much into a small space
Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to increase the size of your bathroom, however there are ways in which you can capitalise on the space you do have. A mirror is a very practical element in a bathroom, however with the right size and placement, a mirror can make the space appear to have more depth than it actually has.

If you are working with a small space, then first include only the items that are necessary, such as the toilet, shower and vanity. You should be able to navigate around these amenities with ease and comfort. Reducing clutter will make the room feel more spacious.

If there are other elements that you wish to include, such as storage, they should only be considered if you are still able to comfortably maneuver around the space and effectively utilise all amenities.

Choosing the wrong materials
The materials that you select for your bathroom, such as floor tiles, cabinetry and countertops, can influence how the space is used as well as how long it lasts. For example, cheaper surfaces for vanities may be cost effective in the short term, but require replacement after a few years.

Alternatively choosing a slippery tile could be extremely dangerous and expensive to fix, so thinking about how your materials feel and impact functionality is vital.

We all want materials that look beautiful, but they must also be practical for a bathroom. Bathrooms are predominantly ‘wet areas’, meaning that all surfaces should accept or resist moisture and liquids. Materials that allow liquids to penetrate their surface, often swell, rot and change colour over time. They are also susceptible to mould which can pose health risks. It is important that your material choices are right in the first place, in order to save you money and drama in the long run.

Creating a Clinical Bathroom
Many people seem to opt for all white bathrooms, with the hope of creating a modern and fresh appearance. However, bathrooms that are predominantly white, can actually appear quite clinical and  lacklustre.

Bathrooms don’t have to be purely white. Don’t be afraid to show off your distinctiveness, and instill some colour, pattern and texture into the bathroom to liven the space. These elements can easily be added through your selection of towels and decor, as well as the addition of plants. But if you are really wanting a unique look, why not opt for a beautifully tiled feature wall to add some boldness and character to your bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Renovation
With so many home renovation tv shows, you may be inspired to take on your bathroom renovation yourself. However, this can become tedious and costly in the long run, if work isn’t carried out correctly. This is why it is always best to bring in the professionals who are highly experienced in renovating bathrooms. There are certain aspects of a bathroom renovation that you most definitely shouldn’t DIY unless you are a licenced tradesman. These include plumbing, waterproofing and electrical work. Hiring licenced tradesmen may be more expensive than doing it yourself initially, although you will avoid potential headaches and expenses down the track for repairs.

Now that you know about some common bathroom renovation mistakes that you should avoid, you can read  7 Tips for a successful bathroom renovationto be well on your way towards a beautiful new bathroom.

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