How to Compare Bathroom Renovation Companies

How to compare bathroom renovation companies | Novale Bathroom

You’ve started doing your research, into who you think will be the best bathroom renovation company, for your bathroom makeover. However, in your researching efforts, both online and in the local newspapers, they all seem to say the right things, offer what appears to be the same service and pricing. But how do you know which bathroom company will meet your expectations?

Not all bathroom renovators are the same! Some offer prices which may seem to be fair and reasonable, whilst others offer bathroom makeovers which seem too good to be true.

If you follow the steps below, you will be well on your way to selecting an expert bathroom renovation company Sydney that will give you exactly what you want.

  • Do your research on the bathroom renovation company first

Searching online is a great place to start your evaluation process. This way you can see if the bathroom renovators have any reviews both in a positive or a negative manner. Consumers will more than likely leave a review on a company, and these comments are usually available on Google Searches or review websites. When evaluating the reviews try to sift through all the comments, to gain an accurate assessment. If there is any negative information out there, it will certainly be available online for you to view.

  • Ask the Bathroom Renovation Company for contacts you can call

By simply calling the bathroom renovation company and asking if they could provide a list of past clients you could call, will help you understand more about the company about how the entire bathroom renovation process went. The client will also be able to highlight any issues or challenges that may have occurred.

  • Get itemised quotes to see what’s included

Don’t go with the cheapest quote! Because it is usually cheap for a reason. And on the flip side don’t go with the most expensive quote, thinking that they will do the best job. You should compare apples with apples.

In the quotes provided, look to see what’s included. For example, you could evaluate the following:

  • The quality and brands of the Bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Bathroom Tradesmen labour charges
  • Certificates for Waterproofing Warranties
  • Are the skip bins included for clean-up of demolition waste?
  • Do you have a guaranteed start and completion date?
  • Are the charges fixed, so you won’t receive any nasty surprises?
  • Is there are guarantee on workmanship?

By ensuring these items are included in your quote, will give you a good indication of how to compare the quotes, and will also go a long way in giving you peace of mind in knowing the company that provides these, are more than likely to be a professional bathroom renovation company.

  • Interview the bathroom renovation company

Don’t settle for doing your research online or over the phone. It is imperative you meet with the bathroom company, so you can get a feel for who you will be potentially dealing with. You need to be comfortable with the person who represents the company and you will only know this if you interview them.

Ask them questions and get them to explain every item in your quote to ensure they tick all the boxes.

  • Designing your bathroom just the way you want it

Discuss your ideas for your bathroom renovation makeover with the bathroom company. You may have certain designs, styles or ideas, and a professional bathroom renovation partner will be able to include your ideas into the overall design. The bathroom renovator, will also be able to suggest ideas and techniques you may not have considered, as their wealth of experience will showcase what you could expect.

A bathroom renovation is an emotional experience and you need to ensure that the company you select is flexible and patient with you in this process, and this will give you a fair indication as to how the rest of the project would be if the initial consultation makes you feel comfortable.

  • Evaluate their bathroom renovation process

Your bathroom renovation will only run smoothly, if the bathroom renovation company has a proven process which can showcase how they will run your project. It is very important to know from the outset what’s involved in your bathroom renovation and when you can expect the trades to arrive, to ensure they meet the various milestones. A professional bathroom renovation company will have a dedicated online portal for their clients to keep informed throughout the entire bathroom renovation process.

  • Ask the bathroom company about their trades

Successful bathroom renovation companies have their own reliable tradespeople who produce their bathrooms, to the highest quality. It is important to select a bathroom company who have their hand-picked trades, ready to work in the allotted schedule. And by choosing a bathroom renovator who use the same reliable tradespeople, means that you could expect your new bathroom to be exactly as you wished it would be.

Bathroom tradespeople specifically work in bathroom renovation projects, and experienced bathroom makeover companies, use trades who build bathrooms regularly and are aware of the common challenges that may arise. So, when selecting your bathroom company, make sure that their tradespeople are highly experienced.

Ultimately no need to choose wisely, but if you evaluate the above items, you could end up saving you money and time, but more importantly a successful outcome.

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