How to Style your Bathroom

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Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home for people who are purchasing property or just relaxing at home each day. Yet it can often be the room that receives the least attention in regards to styling.

If you are undertaking a new bathroom renovation, you’re probably very busy planning the layout and choosing fixtures and fittings. But have you considered how to style the room after the bathroom installation is complete?

Styling a room can give it new life and is an easy way to transform its overall look on a budget. By paying attention to a consistent style; accessorising surfaces such as vanities; adding in accessories and furniture like bath trays, stools and niches; and adding colour and texture with towels and mats, you can give your bathroom a distinct and well defined character.

Styling Consistency Throughout the Home

Consistency in styling throughout the home, will create a harmonious and seamless environment that is comfortable to move through everyday. When styling an existing bathroom, it is best to take cues from the type of styling that is showcased throughout the rest of the home. By establishing a cohesive style throughout your home, you will achieve the best results and a look which feel effortless and welcoming.

Vanity Styling

The vanity is one of the main focal points in a bathroom, and with some simple styling, you can give your bathroom some extra personality. For example, by making use of bathroom items that you need everyday and incorporating them into your styling, you will help to keep your bathroom clutter-free and functional. Soap dishes/dispensers can easily be transformed into a stunning vanity arrangement or become bathroom accessories themselves adding visual appeal. For a more balanced appearance, try arranging an odd number of items, which is generally more pleasing to the eye. Also, try experimenting with scale and different heights to create more interest or introduce a small indoor plant for a hint at nature and some calming greenery.

If you are currently considering what type of vanity to purchase for your new bathroom renovation, try to ensure that it incorporates storage, so that you can keep the surface of your vanity clean and clutter-free and yet still have easy access to your bathroom essentials.

Add a Splash of Colour with your Towels

Towels are a bathroom item that we use everyday. However, they can also be used for decoration. With many bold colours and patterns on the market nowadays, it’s very easy to find a set of towels that will compliment your bathroom styling. Simple colours and patterns can greatly improve any tired old bathroom if you are not yet planning a complete bathroom renovation.

Add Texture with a Bath Mat

Bath mats are an easy way to bring warmth into the bathroom, through the addition of texture, colour and pattern. The coldness of the hard tiles will be mellowed by the softness of a bath rug, thus adding warmth to the space. If you are currently choosing tiles for your new bathroom renovation, consider using natural stone tiles to further soften these surfaces.

Bath mats also help to keep your feet warm, and offer traction when you step out of the bath or shower, providing functionality as well as style. If you are working with a small space, then consider using a round mat which will help make the space feel larger. When shopping for bath mats, be sure to check that the mat is well constructed and ensure suitable for wet environments.

Bath Tray/Stool Styling

Styling a stool or a bath tray if you have a bathtub, is a simple way to add character to your bathroom and they can also be quite practical too. Consider styling with items that you commonly use, such as towels, candles, bath salts, body wash, or possibly even some reading material to enjoy whilst you relax in the bath. Remember that using an odd number of items will create a more balanced appearance. Timber bath trays or stool will add a natural element to the space, radiating warmth and a sense of calm.

Niche Styling

If you are planning a new bathroom renovation, then a niche in the shower is a great way to keep all your soaps and shampoos organised and neat. Niche styling is best kept simple; incorporating items that are needed often or necessary for everyday use. To make your soaps and shampoos look more classy, you can take them out of their original packaging and put them in new containers that compliment the styling throughout your bathroom.

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