Modern bathroom ideas for 2019

Modern Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Deciding on how to renovate your bathroom can be quite a challenge, especially when there are so many designs, styles and fixtures to decide upon. So where do you start? Are you after a contemporary bathroom, which will be in fashion now but may not stand the design test of time, or do you go for a more classic bathroom which won’t date and will remain timeless?

It’s really, up to your taste and style you prefer. However, either way you decide, you can still achieve a modern bathroom which incorporates bathroom design elements from a variety of design periods.

So, what makes a bathroom modern?

Modern bathroom design in 2019 will continue with a minimalistic design approach, which will include a warm colour pallet and dark highlighted features for bathroom fixtures and tile options. Additionally, a big focus will be on incorporating plants which can provide an indoor/outdoor fusion.

Adding to the environmental theme, bathroom trends in 2019 will see more emphasis on elements which can introduce natural light, for example skylights. Skylights have the ability, to bring the outside indoors and helps to lighten up areas where darker bathroom tiles and fixtures are utilised.  By incorporating natural light features and greenery options into your warmer colour pallet style guide, your bathroom will provide a sense of nature, that otherwise couldn’t be achieved from artificial lighting options.

Your choice of tile options is also an extremely important aspect in creating a modern bathroom space. And modern bathroom designs will incorporate a mixture of colour and texture. From metallic colours to mosaics, geometric patterns to bamboo effects, it really comes down to your taste and how the design will complement other design elements in your home.

Form and function must be considered and the ability to design a beautiful space will only be successful if you have included creative storage options into your bathroom design. Clever joinery can eliminate clutter from your bathroom whilst providing beautiful design styling at the same time. Additionally, recessed walls provide smart uses of space which can also lay foundations for ornate highlights.

Glass, stone and timber elements will always remain timeless and when used in conjunction with one another correctly, can add a visual impact which will remain current for decades. 2019 bathroom trends will continue to focus on nature and the calming effect it can have on our busy lives.

Rustic features like rough timbers or stone or even unpolished metals can also add to the visual appeal of your modern bathroom. These natural materials can also work extremely well together as they emit a wealth of earthy colours and tones. Rustic period pieces like copper taps or dark metallic shower heads can also be fused with contemporary free-standing bathtubs, to showcase where the old meets the new. This type of bathroom styling is what makes a bathroom modern and bypasses any period, which would otherwise make it date.

Your ability to be free in your design approach, and to include natural elements which can be blended with modern pieces, will ensure your new bathroom will not only be modern, but provide you a space which will evoke a pleasurable experience each, and every day.

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