Modern Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas

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If you are ready to renovate your bathroom and are looking update it to a more contemporary design then it is important to consider what the latest trends, modern bathroom design ideas and bathroom innovations are available to you.

Developing a bathroom design concept is a highly subjective and personal process at the centre of all Bathroom Renovations. Your unique taste in bathroom design elements such as colour palette, tiling, bench-tops, fittings and fixtures are integral to the success of your renovation. Once your bathroom renovation is complete you will immediately know how excited you are to spend time in your new bathroom, and those feelings stem directly from your initial modern bathroom design concept.

So, what modern bathroom trends should we consider?
The most important aspects of bathroom design for 2020 are bright and inviting rooms, functional layout, with lots of storage and minimalistic styling.

Some key design trends you may wish to incorporate:

  • Indoor Plants, in particular Tropical Plants and Succulents
  • Metal Accents such as Copper, Chrome and Matt Finished Metal
  • Large Stone and Timber Benchtops
  • Fittings and Fixtures with Premium Functionality
  • Designer Tiles with Patterns and Textures
  • A Calm and Soothing Colour Palette to promote Relaxation
  • Lighting, such as strategically placed Down-lights and Skylights
  • Introducing Attractive Smells with Candles and Incense

What modern bathroom ideas will work well in your home?

Keep in mind that the look and feel of your home will play a vital role in your Bathroom Renovation Process. You may want to tie in certain design elements to ensure that your New Bathroom Renovation fits in with the existing design of your home.

If you consider the overall design factors that currently exist in your home, along with those that may come about with future renovation projects, then the modern design of your bathroom will fit cohesively into your home as if it always belonged.

Choosing the right Bathroom Design Options

The tiles that you select will set the tone for your new bathroom renovation’s atmosphere. When creating a modern bathroom space you want to start by finding a modern bathroom tile which will not date the renovation. Tiles which are overly ornate, colourful or display images are often not considered for modern bathroom design concepts.

An easy way that you can add timeless style to your bathroom design is to incorporate a variety of materials and textures, including glass, stone and timber into your modern bathroom renovation.

Now that you are ready to explore your modern bathroom design options and begin developing a concept for your new bathroom renovation, speak to the professional bathroom renovations team at Novalé Bathrooms for advice and a Free In-Home Consultation.

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