Planning a Small Bathroom Renovation

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Small Bathrooms Renovations can be complex to design and complete as many of the exciting bathroom renovation concepts can require a large amount of space. One of the first things that you should remember when starting a Small Bathroom Renovation is that maximising space is paramount. If you are hoping for luxury fittings and fixtures, this is possible, however designing how they will fit into a small space can be complicated.

It is vital that you start your small bathroom renovation off with a detailed plan. We can know that your final result will be all the better for it. This plan should include:

  • Deciding on the concept, style and fixtures in your bathroom
  • Set yourself a Realistic Bathroom Renovation Budget
  • Speak to a Professional Bathroom Renovation Company for a Quote
  • Implement a Bathroom Renovation timeline
  • Consider the Natural Light and Lighting Opportunities
  • Devise a smart floor-plan and research potential storage solutions

Decide on the concept, style and fixtures in your bathroom

Before you begin working out budgets, logistics and speaking to Bathroom Renovation Companies, it is vital that you decide on a specific concept for your Small Bathroom Renovation. Your concept should involve how the bathroom will be styled, what fittings and fixtures interest you and what colour scheme or patterns you can imagine including. Creating a clear and concise concept for your new bathroom renovation will allow you to communicate your vision to your Bathroom Renovator, and also ensure that the quotes you receive are accurate and achievable within your budget and time constraints.

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Set yourself a Realistic Bathroom Renovation Budget

Bathroom Renovation Projects can range from between $15,000 to > $30,000 depending on the size of the bathroom and the chosen fittings and fixtures. Start by looking into potential fittings and fixtures, as well as the types of tiles which appeal to you. This way, you can compile an estimation of their costs. If you can decide on a reasonable budget for your small bathroom renovation based on your expectations for the design concept, style and fixtures, you will be well on your way to best analyse quotes.

Speak to a Professional Bathroom Renovation Company for a Quote

It is important that the Bathroom Renovation Company that you choose is reputable and has a track record of delivering a bathroom renovation of your chosen style to your budget. Ensure that your Bathroom Renovator is Licensed and Insured, and offers you the peace of mind with extras such as a Free Bathroom Renovation Quote, A Fixed Price, and a Guarantee on their Workmanship.

Implement a Bathroom Renovation timeline

Once you have narrowed down your Bathroom Renovation Company options you will want to discuss timelines for the completion of the work. Particularly with small bathrooms such as an ensuite, it can be a hassle to have a construction site within your home, and the bathroom unavailable to you. If you can confirm a structured timeline with agreed upon working hours and a completion date, the process will be much more manageable.

Consider the Natural Light and Lighting Opportunities

During Small Bathroom Renovation you have a great opportunity to make the room feel larger than it is. An easy way to enhance the feeling of space in a room is to introduce additional light sources, in particular natural light. For example, if your house and budget allows, you can install a skylight to immediately open the space up and add light without impacting the footprint of the room. Additionally, If your bathroom has low ceilings we recommend LED down-lights instead of pendants as a hanging light can reduce the overall space.

Devise a Smart Floor-plan and Research Potential Storage Solutions

When installing storage into a small bathroom it is important to first consider the size and functionality. In small bathroom renovations, where the limited space can be easily impacted by cabinetry choices, space saving solutions are most beneficial. Inbuilt Bathroom mirror cupboards and vanity cupboards, should be considered as to not intrude into functional or high traffic areas of your new bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations are an exciting project for any home owner. However, the choices, costs and timeframe can all introduce stress.  At Novalé Bathrooms, we are bathroom renovation experts, and understand all of these factors. To learn about us and what we offer, we encourage you to visit our unique 8 step bathroom renovation process and 12 reasons to choose Novalé.  For more information on how we would exceed your bathroom expectations, please do not hesitate to contact the Novalé team on 1800 NOVALÉ, for a Free In-Home Consultation.