Bathroom Renovations Project Drummoyne

To bring this apartment’s tired old 60’s bathroom back to life, with a modern and elegant feel.


The Solution

First things first, like all our bathroom renovations, we had to strip this room completely back to start again. Then we got to work on recreating this space with beautiful and elegant new features. We particularly loved the style of tile the owners selected it really makes this room ooze sophistication.
Whilst there wasn’t much room to work with, the size of this bathroom is quite common in apartment blocks. It is however amazing how practical and spacious this new bathroom feels. By changing the layout of the room and incorporating a shower in the bath we believe we have really made the most of this space and delivered a bathroom that is simply beautiful and super practical and you can’t ask for more than that.

  • Time Taken: 2 week schedule
  • Bathroom Size: Main bathroom approx 3 x 3
  • Type Of Bathroom: Contemporary / main bathroom / Small

Question 1. What were the main reasons you decided to renovate your bathroom? It was from 1969 and the tiles had started to fall off the floor and walls, the bath was too small for us tall people. It was hard to clean, had no storage and was ugly.

Question 2. What made you choose Novale Bathrooms? Steve was friendly, professional and organised when we met to start with. He asked all the right questions and made all the right comments (even some sceptical ones). Novale were also quite open to helping us find ways to achieve what we wanted in other areas (they did the laundry and two toilet rooms for us too)

Question 3. How happy are you with your new Bathroom? It’s great. It’s good looking, beautifully finished, much easier and more satisfying to clean, it has good storage and the bath is nice and big.

Question 4. Describe your Novale Bathrooms experience We were so impressed with Novale. Everything was well planned and well executed with a refined finish. They communicated clearly, and kept everything clean and neat the whole time, and finished the project when they said they would. Our flat was well cared for and the block outside of our flat (the stairs, foyer and the downstairs area) was kept free from mess too. There have been many complaints about renovations in our block, but there were none about ours, which was a great relief. The fact that we had a couple of other (messier, less organised) contractors working in the flat at the same time but Novale worked around them and tolerated their mess, was very helpful to us too.

Question 5. Would you recommend Novale Bathrooms to others? Certainly we would - with no hesitation.

Question 6. What would you say to someone deciding whether to use Novale for their new bathroom? That’s a great idea.

Join the happy home owner above who now enjoys an incredible bathroom everyday

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