Tiles Trends 2020 – Selecting the Right Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tile Trends 2020 - Novale Bathrooms

Every year design trends evolve and fluctuate depending on the success and staying power of the previous year’s popular styles. Many of the consistent trends for bathroom tiles have continued their prominence for many years, only changing in their quality and refinement. However, specific trends can be short lived and thus chasing trends can leave you with a dated bathroom style, in need of a renovation more quickly than you had wanted.

It is important to identify what trends have staying power and which are just a fad for a span of 3-5 years. This is why doing your research, speaking to experts at tile showrooms and discussing your ideas with your bathroom renovation company, will ensure that your bathroom tile choice is as informed and future proofed as possible.

Tile Trend - Amber Tiles

Tiles make or break your bathroom’s style. When renovating, the decision to go with a specific design over another can be daunting as it dictates so much of the other stylistic choices that follow. From large form factor tiles to small decorative designs, your options are endless. So what is current and on trend for 2020?

  • Colour
  • Mosaics
  • Subway tiles
  • Small square tiles
  • Moroccan tiles
  • Natural stone

Krystal recently met with the Meagan and Owen at Amber Tiles Kellyville, to discuss what trends they have experienced with customers this year and what they are expecting to see in the coming months. Check out the video below.


Re-emerging Tile Trends for 2020
Because design styles are in such a state of evolution each year, you see designers focus on new ideas and even new ways to use trends which had faded away. One such trend is Feature Tiles, which have come back into vogue recently.

Feature Tiles can be used in bathroom renovations to highlight key architectural elements or even make a statement of a unique fixture in the room. You may choose to use a feature tile to cover a large area, such as a whole wall, or just a small area, like a shower niche.

However you wish to use a feature tile we recommend using it sparingly so that it maintains its magnificence and draws attention, rather than blending in amongst other eye catching bathroom features.

Re emerging tile trend 2020

Tile Trends Staying Strong for 2020

Subway tiles have been a very popular tile trend in recent years and have come a long way from their simple white rectangle designs, to now include a range of materials and finishes, from handmade ceramics to polished tiles and come in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

Subway tiles have continued to be so popular because of this versatility and variability. For example, you could choose to use a simple white subway, tile laid in a stretcher bond or stacked pattern, as a plain alternative next to a bold feature tile. But, you could also use a handmade subway tile in an eye-catching colour, and lay it in a herringbone pattern, in order to create a feature.

With so many options available you are only limited by imagination and inspiration.

Strong Tile Trend 2020

New Tile Trends for 2020

Mosaics and Moroccan tiles are the standout look for 2020. These types of tiles come in a wide range of patterns and colour variations to match your bathroom style and provide an authentic and exciting element to the bathroom.

Tiles with these patterns offer stylish designs with lots of detail and colour, as well as subtle options like single colour designs and simpler patterns, for those who like the trend but aren’t looking for anything too bold.

It is important to know that patterned tiles can dominate small spaces and overwhelm larger rooms when used liberally. We recommend speaking to an bathroom tile expert, such as the team at Amber Tiles, when considering these beautiful decorative tiles for your bathroom renovation.

New Tile Trend 2020 - Novale Bathrooms

Once you have chosen your tile design and layout pattern, the choice of grout is the final detail you need to confirm, to ensure your bathroom tiles look amazing and complement the overall style of your new bathroom.

Coloured grout is becoming much more popular of late. Gone are the days of only considering white grout. Today we have a wide variety of colours which we can match to your tiles or provide a contrasting colour which highlights the tiles themselves. Although this adds an additional layer to your decision, it can really enhance the look of your tiles once they are laid, and can give your room a unique point of difference.

As new trends come and go, researching the newest tile design trends can offer some real excitement to the bathroom renovation process. But, please keep in mind that choosing tiles is an important decision and taking your time to find the exact tile designs that you love, will ensure that your bathroom will continue to be your in-home oasis for many years to come.

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