Tips to add value with a bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation Tips

If you are wanting to add value to your home because you are potentially looking to sell, then a bathroom renovation is the great place to start. A beautiful bathroom renovation is a key aspect of a home which is often scrutinised by potential buyers.

Below are some upgrade ideas to add value with a bathroom renovation. Keep in mind that this bathroom renovation guide provides options for you to consider, and completing any one on its own may add value or functionality. If you only have a small budget and are unable to complete a full bathroom renovation, then consider just starting with one of the following:

1. New Upgraded Vanity
The bathroom vanity is a key focal point in any bathroom and plays a major role in the overall usability of the room. By simply upgrading your vanity you can quickly add value to your bathroom. Selecting high quality materials that offer both style and practicality. For example, considering a stone benchtop for its durability and finish is a great luxury option. Additionally, if you can extend the vanity to include a second sink, that would add further practicality and opulence to the bathroom.

2. Large Mirrors
Mirrors are practical bathroom staples, but they also can create the illusion of depth, causing small spaces to appear larger. Therefore, replacing a standard sized mirror with a larger one can increase the feeling of space and create a more inviting feel. Be sure to only add a mirror that is practical and adds to the design style you are wanting to achieve with your bathroom renovation.

3. New Modern Flooring
Retiling your bathroom can enhance the style and feel of your bathroom tremendously. With a wide range of patterns, colours, textures and shapes available, there is sure to be a selection of tiles that will match your desired aesthetic and increase your bathroom’s value. If you have a large budget for your bathroom renovation, you can even consider installing under floor heating, for ultimate comfort in the winter months.

4. Updated Toilet
If you are selling your property, installing a new toilet is a simple way to add value to your bathroom. There are many toilet options available for bathroom renovators to consider. Smart toilets and toilet accessories can add convenience and value to your bathroom. Exploring the new toilet designs and styles on the market and including one in your renovation is an effective way to show that your bathroom is modern and luxurious.

5. Modern Paint Colours and Style
Simply applying new paint can do wonders for any bathroom. Selecting colours that compliment the surrounding materials and brighten the space will help to enhance other features throughout the bathroom. Ensure that you research the trends and speak to your bathroom renovation company so you know your colour choices are desired by potential buyers.

6. Stylish Fittings
Updating the numerous plumbing fittings can instantly modernise dated bathrooms and add tremendous value. There is a vast selection of high quality, stylish fittings available on the market. However, make sure that your chosen fittings complement the design style of your bathroom. For example, if you are choosing fittings for a modern bathroom renovation you will want to steer clear of traditional or provincial style tapware.

7. Premium Fixtures
Taking the opportunity to upgrade the fixtures during a bathroom renovation is a great way to add immediate value. You may consider adding a new luxurious shower head such as a rainwater style design, or a large free-standing bathtub. These types of fixtures become features of the room and work to highlight the luxurious upgrades made throughout. Adding premium fixtures are the icing on the cake for potential buyers when they compare newly renovated properties.

8. Energy Efficient Upgrades
Buyers can often be impressed by environmentally conscious renovations. If you seek to increase the energy efficiency you can decrease the running costs of the bathroom which will also add value to your home. The potential savings on water and electricity bills is a welcome sight in many bathroom renovations.

Implementing any of the above updates could start a transformation in your bathroom. If you’ve been inspired and are ready to tackle your bathroom renovation project, feel free to speak to the professional bathroom renovations team at Novalé Bathrooms for advice and a FREE in-home Consultation.

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