Top Tips for a Small Bathroom Renovation

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Renovating your bathroom can more-often-than-not, be an emotional experience, and it can take a considerable amount of time to decide on the inclusions and finishes that suit your tastes. If you have a small bathroom, you can still enjoy all the luxuries and finishes that you would expect to see in larger bathroom renovation projects.

Whether you need to replace your bathroom out of necessity, or if you wish to renovate your bathroom because you’re looking to create a brand new modern bathroom design, rest assured that no matter the size, you can still create not only a WOW factor, but will also a space you will enjoy using every day.

When renovating a small bathroom, you may wish to consider the following:

Don’t try to fit too many fixtures in, that will make the space seem smaller

To make your small space seem larger, keep it free from clutter, try to incorporate fixtures that strike a balance between ‘want’ and ‘need’, while still allowing you to move around freely in the space. For example, start with the non-negotiable (shower, toilet and vanity), consider fully frameless shower screen, compact toilet design and a wall hung vanity to create the illusion of space. Add clever bathroom storage ideas, such as a mirrored shaving cabinet to keep the clutter away. Choosing the right fixtures will give you everything you need, without crowding the space.

Use quality fixtures and fittings

To create your luxury small bathroom, why not install quality fixtures and fittings? Look for good quality tapware, stone bench-tops for the vanity, a quality porcelain toilet or custom joinery for a great storage solution. Let’s not forget tiles, a smaller bathroom means a lot less tiles to buy and lay. This might present a great opportunity to splurge on something special

Small bathroom design and ideas

To create a sense of space in a small area, it is wise to stay away from dark colours. For example: should your wall tiles extend to the ceiling, try to use light or neutral colours which can still drawer your eye to the ceiling, without making the room feel closed in.

Bathroom vanities which maximise on space effectively, will usually include storage cavities so as-to-not waste the space underneath. This will provide much needed storage options whilst not being obtrusive, as it will be underneath the main focal point, a beautiful stone vanity top.

Additionally, bathroom mirrors, which include storage are also smart alternatives to add medical or general smaller items, which you may need to access on a daily-basis.

To have a bath or not to have a bath?

It’s becoming more common for people to choose not to have a bath in their bathroom. It might be that they don’t use a bath and would prefer a bigger shower, or perhaps the space just won’t work with a bath. If a bath is a must, a shower-bath can be a great solution to fit both into your new bathroom, not only adding value to your home, but also giving you the option to enjoy a bath or a shower, without compromising on space. This decision can be critical in a single bathroom home or apartment and should be given careful consideration

Smart lighting

If your bathroom space is small, especially if you don’t have high ceilings, try not to install pendants or lights which can restrict the space any further. Try to incorporate smart LED lighting options which are barely noticeable and can blend into the ceiling. LED lighting can provide a variety of ambiances and moods, creating a modern and exciting element to the space. If your budget allows and your bathroom roof cavity allows, you might wish to consider a sky-light or roof window to capture natural light, bring the outdoors in, and add to the feeling of space and luxury.

It’s completely up to you…

Whether you like modern bathrooms or more traditional bathroom designs, your small bathroom renovation can incorporate any style to suit your taste. It really comes down to how well you utilise every part of the space, to ensure your small bathroom design fulfils your objectives. Just keep in mind that you might also need to consider how your new bathroom will be suited to the rest of your property, or additionally if it may suit potential home buyers, should you wish to sell your property in the future. If you factor these considerations into your bathroom renovation process from the outset, then you will be able to enjoy your new bathroom, regardless of the size.

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